Feel the Good Vibez

Each bar is handcrafted. Each ingredient carefully selected. Natural ingredients, phthalate and palm oil free, cruelty free and a minority owned company. Sending out good Vibez one bar at a time.

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Send & Receive Good Vibez Only

Soap and body care products that reflect a lifestyle of consciousness, wellness and kindness; towards ourselves and others.

  • Little Acts of Kindness

    A mentor of mine once advised me to do one nice thing everyday for someone and to not tell anyone else about it. Whether it's holding the door, smiling at a stranger, its a piece of advice that over 15 years later has served me well.

  • Did your Friend have a Great Week or a Rough One?

    Check out our Gift Boxes! Send them encouragement, congratulations with a mini spa day at home. We are all connected and this warm hug in a box is a great way to show it!

  • We take care of others when we care for ourselves...

    Please don't forget to recharge your batteries too! I am loving that you are here to sent others some love and care but don't forget to get something for yourself too!

  • Do you have a special event coming up?!

    Let us know! We can make customized gift boxes or batches with your own label. Send us a message in the 'Contact Us' tab. We can't wait to send you and your event Good Vibez!