Are you cruelty free? Yes! 

Are you vegan? No, we do use tallow in some of our soaps. All ingredients are listed in the descriptions and all items come with ingredients labeling.

Do you use Palm Oil? There is only one soap- Beard and Shave Bar- that uses Palm Oil. Due to some of this oils impact I choose to use it in the most limited capacity. The way I wanted this recipe to hold and hydrate facial hair for grooming and moisturizing, I did make the decision to use Palm Oil for this bar only. When I find a suitable replacement, I will replace it with the recipe and notify you that the site is now completely Palm Oil free.

Why is there not even a lavender essential oil or soothing scent in the Baby Bar for at least sleep time? This bar was initially created my friend's new born. So it is meant to be the most mild, recipe possible, before Mommy has introduced anything new to a baby's system. I will introduce baby bars going forward that do have mild essential oils like lavender, for maybe soothing night time, bath time!